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Digital Signatures Solutions

CoSign for Documents Management.

Organisations in Australasia invested in document management and workflow systems. These systems have enabled organisations to become a paperless office. However, a common last step of the workflow is obtaining a signature approval, this remains paper-based, forcing organisation to Print Sign Scan process. eSignatures solution avoid printing for signature.

CoSign for eArchiving.

CoSign for e-Archiving signs documents with legally binding digital signatures. Companies are still managing or outsourcing expensive physical archiving. Learn more how digital signature reduced the need for physical archiving


Secured Signing for Procurement.

A largely electronic procurement process at the organisation was forced back to paper at key stages by the need for signatures. Printing documents and moving them around in the organisation, then back and forward to suppliers created costs, introduced delays and wasted the time of already busy staff. Learn how Digital Signatures solution streamlines the procurement process.

Secured Signing for eRecruitment.

Requirement agencies in current market situation are looking how to speed up the recruitment process and to make the registration and on boarding paperwork easy for candidates and new employees. Learn how eSignatures solution creates the competitive advantages that needed.

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