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About Us

TME Digital Signature (TME Consulting Ltd) incorporated in early 2003 to offer eSignature solutions to varieties of industries in the Australasia market. It provides professional and comprehensive Personalised X509 PKI digital signature products and authentication, delivers a full range of capabilities that combine advanced technology with local support in New Zealand and Australia, and bases its activities on the extensive knowledge and experience of its team of experts.


Secured Signing Ltd is TME Digital Signature’s initiative and company. Secured Signing provides secure and compliant inclusive SaaS digital signature in the cloud that delivers full range of electronic fill-in and eSigning capabilities. Secured Signing service combines advanced personalised PKI technology and verification capacity that is easy to use and simple to deploy from anywhere at any time.


TME's key customer base serves a wide variety of industries: Local Government, Government Agencies, Recruitment, Human Resources, Financial Services, Accountants, Engineering and Manufacturing, Legal Firms, Life Science, Healthcare, Airlines, professional services, and many more.


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