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Secured Signing for Procurement

Procurement and Contract Signing Automation

A largely electronic procurement process at the organisation forces to paper at key stages

by the need for signatures. Printing documents and moving them around in the organisation,

then back and forward to suppliers created costs, introduced delays and wasted the time of

already busy staff.


Digital signature service provider Secured Signing delivers secure online signing of

electronic documents to achieve a completely paperless procurement process.

Documents ranging from conflict of interest declarations, evaluation reports and

contract documents are digitally signed, usually within hours, and saveed to

the company's electronic record keeping system without the need for scanning,

photocopying or mailing.


The digital signatures applied to documents with the Secured Signing service represent the highest form of authenticity, reliability and security. Secured Signing is a hosted service offering immediate startup, no capital investment or establishment costs and pricing based on the number of documents you need to sign each month. An online presence also makes it simple to securely include suppliers and other external parties in the signing workflow.


Digital Signatures in Procurement key benefits:

  • Simplify Processes- conflict of interest declarations, evaluation reports, contract documents and purchase orders

  • Costs saving

  • Contracts sinning faster

  • Compliance – legally binding documents



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