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Digital Signatures Solution for Recruitment

A typical recruitment process requires a candidate to fill-in and sign adequately dozens of essential paperwork in order to meet employment, legislative and occupational health conditions. The process is lengthy, tiresome and frustrating for all parties involved: the candidate, who desires to find a job promptly but accidently omit a signature somewhere, the employer who needs to see new employees onsite as fast as possible, and for the recruitment consultant, who communicates with both and often waste time chasing the forms and missing items while trying to provide professional customer service that complies with industry’s regulations.


The introduction of eForms that incorporate digital signature technology has distinguishably transformed this situation altogether. Recruitment consultants are now able to sign and invite candidates and employers to fill-in and sign brand electronic forms from anywhere any time, to manage and oversee the signing process, and view in real-time progress reports. The user-based X509 PKI digital signature innovative technology complies with Australasia electronic signature regulations for the signing of electronic documents, and offers highest level of security.


Secured Signing is a leader of secure and compliant e-Signature solutions for e-Forms to the Recruitment industry, offers compliant and secure SaaS service that allows candidates, consultants, and employers to fill-in and sign online Forms. Signed documents are sealed with the signatory’s trusted user-based PKI digital signature key, and if the document is modified, signatures immediately become invalid!


Secured Signing solution benefits:

  • Paperwork turnaround in just a couple of minutes

  • 100% compliance of all information required on forms

  • Eliminates the risk of losing paper documents

  • Frees consultant’s time and resources to increase sales


The system offers branding and integration options, customised hosted pages with your recruitment website skin, a secure signing from PC browser, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and many others.

To learn more, please visit Scured Signing for Recruitment

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