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Local Government

Digital Signatures for paper free Council

Councils are implementing digital signature solutions which are putting them at the forefront of delivery documents both internally and to thirdparties. With today's Councils burdened by labour and paper intensive processes the call to cut costs and improve efficiency and services hasnever been higher. On a daily basis, time is wasted drafting documents electronically and then printing hard paper copies for signing. Additionally, high operational costs result from rescanning the signed documents back into electronic format for emails and archiving. A further burden on the budget is the fact that paper based approval processes rely on slow, manual routing for signatures, diminishing on a Council's ability todeliver on time.





The use of digital signatures on Council documents places these organisations in the enviable position of being able to streamline processes, expedite delivery cycles, sealed documents, and improve staff productivity. Indeed, the use of digital signature technology enables a Council to take the final step towards a truly paperless operation. With just a mouse click, users' graphical and digitally signatures can be added onto documents of multiple formats. Furthermore, as digital signatures safeguard the integrity, authenticity, and portability of electronic documents, Council management may rest assured they are meeting standards and documents are sealed at the moment the signer has signed.


Benefits of Digital Signatures for Local Government

  • Never have to question the authenticity of records or the identity of the signatory

  • Improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Streamline business processes.

  • Expedite delivery cycles.

  • Improving customer service.

  • Add both electronic and graphical (wet) signatures to a document

  • Eliminate cost and security concerns associated with printing, handling, filing, faxing, mailing, scanning and archiving of paper documents.


Years ago, people were preparing for the paperless office revolution. It would enhance business workflow, reduce printing costs and save trees. The dream faded, however as organisations realised they still had to print and handle paper documents for signing. In time, many Councils implemented document management systems to enhance their customer service offerings. However, the shortcomings of this technology soon became apparent thanks to the demand for handwritten signatures. These signed documents ensured Councils would forever be bogged down in paper. The need to save money, improved document workflow and integrity has become increasingly important. The result is Councils seeking the paperless office holy grail - digital signatures.Councils may create and sign documents electronically, then send them directly to other departments and third party suppliers. Digital signature solutions integrated with a Council's workflow system, enhancing the security of documents within the application.


Case Studies: 


Yarra Ranges council speeds-up procurement’s contract signing with Secured Signing


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