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Secured Signing for eRecruitment

Assertions for Paper-free Candidate Registration

Current candidate registration practices incorporate traditional lengthy methods that create frustration to all parties involved: the candidate, who wishes to start working immediately, but accidently omitted a signature on the form; for the employer who needs the new employee onsite as soon as possible; and for the recruitment consultant, who tries to provide the best professional customer service to both, but needs to waste time chasing uncompleted information or missing signatures.


Nevertheless, as the workforce and workplace business environment is continually reshaped by new technologies and digital processes, many recruitment agencies are now looking to change their old-fashioned paper handling approach to candidate registration, and replace it with secure electronic procedures that offer the following extensive benefits:

  1. Complete and timely paperwork turnaround — done electronically, a detection and alert is issued whenever any compulsory information / signatures are missing, and permits an immediate return of all documents.

  2. Efficient and prompt employment process — online completion of paperwork enhances streamlined, effective, and quick implementation by the recruitment consultant, and reinforces early hiring.

  3. Compliance with legislative and occupational health conditions — full and precise documented communication that protects individuals and the organisation from harm and future employment claims.

  4. Real-time monitoring and management — consultants are able to sign, invite others to fill-in and sign, view progress reports, and supervise the registration process.

  5. Registration from anywhere, at anytime — provides flexibility and allows distant candidates to register via PC or other mobile devices (tablets, laptops, notebooks, and smartphones).

  6. Eliminates risk of lost documents — whether it is at the candidate’s home or the agency, all completed electronic paperwork is saved for any future purpose.

  7. Cuts expenditure — slashes operational and processing costs including: printing, delivery, storage, and other paper-related handling.

  8. Free consultants’ time and funds — minimises administration of paper and frees up staff, budget, and other resources for the core recruitment business.

  9. Legally binding proceedings — most countries worldwide, including Australia and New Zealand, have established laws (Electronic Transactions Acts) that encourage the signing of documents in electronic format.

  10. Prompts Green environment — saves paper, eliminates the print-sign-scan-delivery process, and reduces associated carbon producing services.


With increasing pressure for businesses to become more efficient, cost effective, compliant, and environmentally friendly, the online electronic candidate registration and signing case presented above provides a powerful business solution that will be applauded by your customers, shareholders, and employees alike.


Secured Signing provides a Cloud-based digital form and signing solution, compliant with the electronic signature laws of Australia, New Zealand, and other nations worldwide, guaranteeing validity and legal enforceability.


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