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Engineering and Manufacturing

Digital Signature for Engineering and Manufacturing Companies

The execution of the design approval process is critical to the overall success of

engineering and manufacturing companies.Typical engineering groups are burdened

by labor and paper intensive processes. Time is wasted plotting engineering drawings

and then having to print the related documents (e.g., ECOs/ECNs, QA reports, etc.) for

engineers and managers to sign and seal. High operational costs result from re-scanning

the signed drawingsand engineering documentation into electronic formats for archiving.

These paper-based approval processes rely on slow, manual routing for signatures,

diminishing the company's agility and time-to-market.Operating in a very high pressure

environment, these companies continuously look for ways to streamline processes, expedite

their design to production cycles, and improve the efficiency and productivity of engineers

and managers. For that purpose, many PE boards have ratified the use

of electronic signatures for engineering drawings.



CoSign in Manufacturing Case Study

New Flyer is a leading manufacturer within the heavy-duty transit…..

At New Flyer, an engineer was required to print the CAD drawing in order to sign

and add their professional seal to the document. A typical document often requires

2 engineering approvals per page, and each drawing can comprise of up to 60 - 70 pages…….


Typical uses for Electronic Signatures in Engineering & Manufacturing

  • CAD;

  • Quality Assurance;

  • ECOs (Engineering Change Orders);

  • Enhancing Manufacturing processes;

  • Marketing, sales, and more


Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Engineering & Manufacturing

  • Expedite engineering approval processes associated with CAD drawings, ECOs/ECNs, production flow, QA, technical documentation, and Product Lifecycle Management.

  • Boost staff productivity.

  • Enable secure online file flow with clients and partners.

  • Eliminate cost and security concerns associated with printing, handling, filing, faxing, mailing, scanning and archiving of paper documents.

  • Ensure data integrity and signer authenticity. This limits liability and guarantees non-repudiation for legal and regulatory compliance.

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